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International Musicians Seminar

Volunteer Helpers

Come and help during seminars

We totally rely on and are extremely grateful for the good will and hard work of all our volunteer helpers, the majority of whom are needed in the kitchen. The helpers form an integral part of the IMS community, they come from all walks of life and are all ages! It’s all about team work, mucking in, enjoying the beautiful and special place, meeting people and working together, sharing the load! Helpers are expected to work hard, but it is also fun… Meals are taken all together (sometimes 100 in residence) and there is a wonderful atmosphere every evening, candle lit dinners for all! – By day, when not on shift helpers can explore the area, (we are right on the coast path, so you can step out in either direction for a beautiful walk), relax on the beach, and enjoy a swim! Volunteers can also make the most of listening to world class international musicians working in masterclasses or in open rehearsals, and helpers can attend all the public concerts which take place in nearby churches. Nearly all volunteers get hooked from the first time they come; they make great friends and return again and again for years!

Full details of being a volunteer are below:


  • The kitchen is run by two professional cooks and the volunteers work in teams to help prepare food, serve meals and clear up. 

  • Reliable drivers (who must be over the age of 25) are also needed...  

  • As well as a few office/library/stage-managers and 

  • Help running the bar is also needed 

  • Kitchen, bar and office helpers work in shifts and do a maximum of 5 hours a day.  

  • All helpers may attend concerts and sit in on rehearsal sessions when not on a shift. 


  • Seminars are twice a year, running for 4 weeks over Easter every year (March-April) and 4 weeks in September.
  • We ask helpers to come for a minimum of one week, although preference is given to those who can manage longer.  

  • Preference will also be given to those who can include the start or finish.

  • All helpers to work on the day you arrive or the day you leave – (worth bearing in mind when planning where travelling from or to)


  • IMS will refund travel expenses (petrol, train, bus) to a maximum of £60.  

  • Please bring all receipts with you. If you do not produce a receipt, IMS will not be able to reimburse your travel expenses.  

  • If you have a car, please try and give other volunteers a lift, if at all possible. Further details will be supplied on acceptance of application. 

  • Board and lodging is provided 

If you are interested in helping and being involved with this vibrant organisation please contact the IMS office for further details.