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International Musicians Seminar

Our supporters...

Thank You

We are extremely grateful to all our many supporters, and would like to thank the following individual donors and sponsors, trusts, foundations and companies for their support during the current financial year:

Albert and Eugenie Frost Music Trust
Ann Driver Trust
Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne
Cavatina Chamber Music Trust
Edington Arts
The English-Speaking Union
The Idlewild Trust
Friends of IMS
Gordon Clark Memorial Trust
Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
Headley Trust
Martin Smith Foundation
Mayfield Valley Arts Trust
The Monument Trust
Solti Foundation
Spoff's Scholarship Fund

We are also grateful to the Countess of Munster Trust and the Tillett Trust for supporting our students at the masterclasses.

Nicholas Berwin
Robert and Elisabeth Boas
Sir Alan and Lady Bowness
Sophie Bowness
Felicity Fairbairn
Jonathan and Tessa Gaisman
Donald and Madeleine Main
Rachel Nicholson
Charlotte Soetje

Sir Richard Aikens
John and Rhona Bell
Jennifer Coombs
Stuart Miller
Mr and Mrs Anthony Pitt-Rivers
Teresa and Jonathan Sumption
Carl Flesch Memorial Scholarship
Margery Hall bequest
Jenefer Ann Murray bequest
Joyce Rathbone bequest
Poole Scholarship Fund

Granite Coast Ltd
J & A Beare
Tarisio: Fine Instruments

We are also very grateful to recent individual donors and supporters of our work: Barnabas Brunner, Peter Greiner, Mark Jennings, Malcolm McKeand, Ferenc Rados, Sir András Schiff, Lord and Lady St Levan, Peter Tunstall-Behrens, Rita Wagner and all our anonymous donors.