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International Musicians Seminar

Fundraising concerts and Special events

The Violin Project: Launch Concert

Tuesday 12th June 2018, 7pm
Burgh House, Hampstead, London

Thank you to our wonderful musicians and everyone who came to celebrate the creation of our newly-completed violin, made in collaboration with our musicians as part of a special new project.

Gliere: A selection from 'Huit Morceaux', Op.39 for violin and cello
Dvorak: 4 Miniatures for string trio
Puccini: Chrisantemi for string quartet
Brahms: Sextet in G, Op.36

In conversation with violin-makers Stefan-Peter Greiner and Mark Jennings.

James Clark (violin)
Amarins Wierdsma (violin)
Maya Meron (viola)
Garfield Jackson (viola)
David Waterman (cello)
Laura van der Heijden (cello)

The Violin Project
During our Open Chamber Music seminar last autumn a new instrument was crafted by luthiers Stefan-Peter Greiner and Mark Jennings, with the enthusiastic help of IMS Prussia Cove musicians. This exciting collaborative project helped the musicians to learn about their instruments from the inside out, creating an instrument inspired by the unique environment of IMS Prussia Cove. Visit our blog to read about the process and look at our beautiful photos.