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International Musicians Seminar

Application Form

Master Classes Application Form

"Over the years some of my happiest memories are of the interaction I have enjoyed with students, colleagues and friends in this inspirational retreat." Ralph Kirshbaum

The deadline for applications for the 2019 Masterclasses has now passed.

Thank you to all those who submitted an application. You will hear from the office in due course with confirmation of receipt of all materials. Please note that if your form was submitted on time (by Friday 23 November), references and registration fees that come in later will still be accepted.

Please also note that it takes time to process all the applications.  The professors for each class assess the applications, listen to the recordings and select their own class. As this takes time, please do not expect to know whether you have been accepted until mid-January 2019. Further details will be sent to all applicants by email from the office.

Good Luck!