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International Musicians Seminar


Masterclasses 2017 - Sunday 2 April to Sunday 23 April

"Having been to IMS Prussia Cove as a student and a teacher over the last thirty years, I cannot think of a better place for holding Masterclasses. The spirit that Sándor Végh has instilled has been carried on and I hope we can keep it and pass it on to future generations."
Gerhard Schulz


The Masterclasses are held each spring for three weeks, and over one hundred participants are involved every year. The classes have been running since 1972, when Sándor Végh first invited his students to come to Cornwall and study with him. The seminars provide a totally professional atmosphere and aim to foster the highest level of advanced study, drawing inspiration from the central-European tradition. String players predominate, with solo and string quartet classes, but also an important part of the course is the "Piano in Chamber Music" class, encouraging established ensembles ranging from duo to quintet.

Professors 2017


Gerhard Schulz (2 - 12 April)
András Keller (12 - 23 April)


Lars Anders Tomter (2 - 12 April)
Thomas Riebl (12 - 23 April)


Steven Isserlis (2 - 12 April)
Ralph Kirshbaum (12 - 23 April)


Ferenc Rados & Rita Wagner (2 - 12 April)
Kirill Gerstein (12 - 23 April)

NB - the piano and chamber music classes are open to applications from solo pianists AND ensembles with piano. If you apply as a solo pianist, you will not receive chamber music lessons - the chamber music lessons are for pre-formed ensembles applying to the masterclasses. The classes will be made up of some solo pianists, some ensembles with piano, and some string quartets. Contact the office if you have any queries.


There will be six public concerts during the seminar, two Maestri concerts enabling students to hear their professors perform, and student concerts at the end of each session giving selected students an opportunity to perform in public. Concerts are in local churches and halls in West Cornwall.

Application deadline for 2017 classes

The deadline for applications is FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER. This is the date by which applications must have been received. 

Age limit: 16-30