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International Musicians Seminar

Foreword and Introductions

Auction introduction

This exhibition of paintings is a celebration of creativity and generosity. The results of this auction, and the first one, has and will have a far reaching, even global impact on culture and the arts. Cornwall has a great and rich creative tradition but especially in the post war years has expanded and bloomed and been at the forefront of much late 20th and now 21st century arts and culture. It is one of those places where it’s hard not feel the beauty of the place or to be moved by the elemental. Music, art, literature, film, theatre and dance all nourish here, as well as innovative enterprise in every area of life.

Having been the instigator of this the second auction of painters’ work and having been terrified that I might have over-stretched my abilities to actually carry it off, I can only write now that it’s been an extraordinarily rewarding task. I have encountered nothing but spontaneous generosity and a hugely enthusiastic spirit of camaraderie in the open-hearted giving of fellow artists’ friends and their families towards the IMS and its significant work. Artists and musicians are communicators and in their practice effect thoughtful and peaceful challenges to their world, and in some way hope to make the world a ‘better place'. I hope that many of you will want to acknowledge your respect and gratitude to the generosity of these artist friends of mine and their families by buying a painting or a print in support of the unique and independently driven IMS. Here is a great opportunity to buy not only a beautiful work of art but to own a real investment because all of these artists are established and highly collectable in their own right.