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International Musicians Seminar

Foreword and Introductions

About IMS Prussia Cove

In 1971 Sandor Vegh visited Cornwall to perform the Beethoven violin concerto in Truro Cathedral. It was during this visit that he came to know the place which, for hundreds of musicians, has become a refuge to them in their working lives – somewhere they can come to get away from the pressures of concert tour life, to work and study and develop their craft. Sándor Végh decided that this was the ideal location in which to found his International Musicians Seminar, and the first course took place in the spring of 1972. Originally a Masterclass Seminar, over the next few years the course expanded to include an Open Chamber Music element where young students were invited to join with established musicians (often their professors) in chamber ensembles, to learn from each other and to study the full chamber music repertoire. From these beginnings, the two distinct seminars were created – Masterclasses in the spring, and Open Chamber Music in September.

Forty-five years on, IMS Prussia Cove still attracts musicians from all over the world to its unique geographical position and its unique opportunity for continued study at the highest level. In the seclusion of a rugged landscape battered by Atlantic waves, they are able to leave behind ego, mannerism and affectation and to seek out new creative depths and deeper understanding.

The inspiration of the landscape has not been lost on others. For centuries Cornwall has been a place of pilgrimage and settlement for artists, and there is a natural af nity between the visual arts and music – a deep respect and empathy for the flowering and nurturing of creativity. Music has often been the inspiration for art, and the generosity of the artists who have supported IMS Prussia Cove perhaps signifies the importance of this inspiration. We are indebted to them for this significant endorsement of IMS Prussia Cove and tremendously grateful to them for their support.