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International Musicians Seminar


Lot 13: Jeremy Le Grice

Lot 13: Jeremy Le Grice Still Life 1963
60 x 70 cm, Oil on board

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It was in the Drawing Schools of Eton that Jeremy Le Grice’s latent talent was first recognised and nurtured by his tutor there, Wilfred Blunt.

The sublime beauty of Cornwall, with its dramatic changes in mood and weather, has also always served to trigger Le Grice’s creativity. On leaving the Slade he moved directly back to his homeland of Cornwall where at that time the most progressive art in Britain was being produced.

Apart from a break in his career for several years, which were spent teaching in art colleges, he has been painting near Newlyn and St Ives. He has consequently become more knowledgeable and in touch with the ever present coastline. He draws inspiration from its climatic moods, its seas and harbours, the rough moorland and the small farms of the hinterland.

Complementary with Le Grice’s own observational powers lies a tradition of abstraction which has thrived along with the art of Cornwall throughout his life. The combination has provided his work with a particular momentum which is precipitated by an underlying sense of always present ambivalence of vision.

Jeremy Le Grice’s paintings are not the product of a School of Paintings or a voguish fashion; they are one man’s interpretation of a place and emotions translated into paint.

Ian Burke

Jeremy Le Grice died on 9th August 2012.