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International Musicians Seminar

Sándor Végh in Cornwall by Hilary Behrens

The Hungarian virtuoso violinist and the founding of the ‘International Musicians Seminar’ Prussia Cove

By Hilary Tunstall-Behrens

With a foreword by András Schiff

Sándor Végh became my master and in turn I mention him often when I teach. Hearing Sándor Végh rehearsing the Gross Fugue Beethoven with 18 players at Prussia Cove was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Meeting Sándor Végh was one of life’s greatest gifts.” György Kurtág

For many people Sándor Végh was the most important musician they ever came across. His ideas and his ability to express them through teaching changed the way many musicians approached and played music.

At a time when accuracy, volume and security of technique were occupying the minds of many musicians he spoke out in search of inspiration, interpretation and the freedom of a more instinctive and subjective approach. Through his teaching he kept alive what he saw as the erosion of mid-European musical traditions. For him music was about speaking and sharing rather than shining and dazzling.

The book explains the development of IMS and of Végh’s role as the initiator of a generation of musicians. He showed them that they had the potential to open up a world within themselves and how to take on the “eternal problem” of music making.

Within the UK, Végh’s impact on music-making is not to be underestimated. Through the foundation of a world-class seminar, he enabled British musicians to have a greater depth of understanding of European musical traditions.  For many, part of his impact was the successful communication of his absolute belief that being a musician was a worthy profession.

The book includes 20 wonderful large bled photographs of the master in action.

"Mit Freude Musizieren "
"Make music with love and joy"

First published April 2008
ISBN-10: 0955724309  / ISBN-13: 978-0955724305

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